Defensio Credam – In Defence of my Belief

As a friend of mine said recently, to have convictions and not to ‘put them out there’ is like speaking into a vacuum – it means nothing; and he is right.
In this opening blog I think I will repeat what I once said years ago when trying to explain myself:

To seek the truth should be one of the fundamental elements in the noble quest of all people, not only Christians. Christ said, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the light…’ He enjoins – For My Way is the way of life, the road that leads to the Father; trust in Me for I am the fount of all that is true and just, for I am the light of eternal salvation and in Me you will find the fullness of life.

This is the ‘grail’ I seek, the end-game and this site forms part of that endeavour. I do believe that it is important to learn from others, to hear different points of view, different ideas and thoughts, hopefully contributing to a more balanced perspective. It was the ancient Greek statesman, Demosthenes who once said “Nothing is easier than self deceit. For what each man wishes, that he also believes to be true”.

Having said that, I must also declare my predisposition; this blog and its musings obviously view life from my perspective and so, in the end, I suppose could be construed as being overly subjective; but then that is the whole point of having a conviction, a committed opinion, a belief!

So who am I?

I am a committed Roman Catholic whose leaning is toward the traditional and the conservative; my outlook therefore, will always be centred on or around these values.

Barring a period of rebellious indifference during my thirties I have always been religiously inclined to varying degrees of intensity (but seemingly with increased intensity as I get older). Raised by religiously conservative parents, I have always known the Father or better put, He has ALWAYS known me and I have responded to His love with varying degrees of fervour dependent, I suppose, on the capricious nature of my emotions. By nature I am inquisitive and willing to learn; however I will not just accept blindly what I am told!

In the apologetic of my belief structure, my belief would best be described as being based on thought, research, logic, reason and experience or spiritual awareness. These are the building blocks, the logical progressions of what I have witnessed, how I have reasoned that witness and which allows me to commit to intellectual assent. This ‘process’ helps lead me to an ever strengthening commitment in those convictions. It is at this point that I can embrace faith.

As someone once said “Faith is not belief without proof, but trust without reservation.” So this site then…. Is a further tool I would use in my journey of seeking truth. A forum where my ideas and thoughts might receive comment and where necessary, constructive criticism; but above all I hope that it becomes a forum where different points of view can be expressed and examined in an atmosphere of mutual respect.


About Anthony

I am a married Catholic who is interested in Theology, History, Philosophy and the search for truth. I also have a penchant for photography.
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One Response to Defensio Credam – In Defence of my Belief

  1. Glad to have you on board, participating in the debate Tony. It’s valuable to have coherent thought applied to topics of merit – and I’m glad you chose to talk to an audience rather than a vacuum, even if we are likely to disagree often!

    A comment from the other side of the fence, then: and to quote the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe: “the point of argument is not to win, it is to find the truth.”

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