The Written Word – Historical Quirke or Modern Day Wonder

I read an article the other day, describing the art of the handwritten word as being as useful as the skill of churning butter! This can only come from that side of the Atlantic, the ‘land of the free and the home of the brave’, where they believe that teaching children the art of cursive handwriting is as outmoded as the quill and should be dumped in favour of being able to type, tap or text – oh how facile, how utterly superficial, how typical!

The skill of handwriting is as fundamental a human skill as being able to tie one’s own shoelaces, as talking for goodness sake. It is a means of human interaction, the communication of identification, it is a time-honoured reflection of the owners personality! The modern digital society has certainly superseded the need for letters but an email is as sterile as a hospital OT!

Take away the rigors of learning to read properly and you end up with a society of illiterates. Take away the art of writing and you end up with a stereotyped society, incapable of communicating without electronic intervention; a society of digital, mind numbing androids with no more personality than a glass of water!


About Anthony

I am a married Catholic who is interested in Theology, History, Philosophy and the search for truth. I also have a penchant for photography.
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