The Folly of Creation Science

“There are none so deaf as those who will not hear” By focusing attention on some factual inaccuracies, Mr. Sokolic diverts attention away from an untenable position! The point being made by Mr. Dacey I believe, is that reliance on an ancient theory taken out of context and without cognisance of modern fact, is unwise to say the least. (S/Cross 11 Sept.)

And why shouldn’t Galileo Galilei be rehabilitated? A commission of the Catholic Church (Commission for the Study of the Ptolemaic-Copernican Controversy) established by Pope John Paul II laboured for 11 years (1981-1992) before releasing their findings and pronouncing on the rehabilitation of Galileo. I would venture to say, given the lack of substantiation by Mr. Sokolic, that this is his personal and dare I say, biased viewpoint. I doubt that the Church in John Paul II would have made this profound renunciation, had they not been sure of their facts and in the veracity of the rehabilitation!

The mantra of Vatican II was ‘aggiornamento’ – the metaphoric opening of the windows, letting the light of knowledge into the Church, effectively dispelling the darkness of years of ignorance. In this sense, the Church has moved forward together with society; in rehabilitating Galileo Galilei, the Church acknowledges that she was wrong with regard to the veracity of the heliocentric model and indeed, to the construct of the solar system. Like it or not, we are in an average solar system, with an average star on the outer fringes of an average galaxy – one of billions of galaxies. Does this mean that we are insignificant and unimportant to creation? Absolutely not, we are a very special part of creation made in the image and likeness of God but as I said in my last response – can we know the mind of the Creator or His reasons for the way in which the Creation was carried out? I think not!

To acknowledge and propose a model which has proven to be so patently wrong, is absurd – as irrational as acknowledging the truth behind the assertions of the ‘Flat Earth’ society – it’s ludicrous!

Mr. Sokolik’s debate is high on rhetoric but rather sparing on any tangible proof. Evolution (not Darwinism) is a fact which does not conflict with the Father as Creator of all; the Church recognises this and it is about time you did as well Mr. Sokolic!


About Anthony

I am a married Catholic who is interested in Theology, History, Philosophy and the search for truth. I also have a penchant for photography.
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