A point of clarity – ‘Own beliefs aired’

I read Patrick Dacey’s letter (September 19) with interest and felt the need to provide some clarity. I must concede that the use of the word Darwinism can be ambiguous unless clarified – something I did not do!

I was of course, referring to the body of thought to which the appellation atheistic naturalism refers. In some parts of the world this is referred to pejoratively as Darwinism; however in others Darwinism refers to evolution by natural selection – Darwin’s work.

Was the thrust of my response conveying what I believed? I would hope so as this was the point of my writing! I think Mr Dacey, that if you read my response carefully, you will find firstly that I do not disagree with evolution per se and secondly, I do not presume to know the mind of God and readily acknowledge the mystery of God in creation.


About Anthony

I am a married Catholic who is interested in Theology, History, Philosophy and the search for truth. I also have a penchant for photography.
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